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    The building Blocks to Make an Affiliate Site Profitable
    When building a profitable affiliate site, there is more to the construction process than meets the eye. Creating a throw together website, with sub-standard product reviews, then hoping for the best, isn’t enough in today’s affiliate market.
    An affiliate marketing website needs to be treated like a business. You need to invest a lot of time and effort into creating the core components of the business. A strong brand, professionally designed website, eye-catching logo, tag line and many more need to be carefully considered and crafted.
    The overriding idea is legitimacy is key. Earning the trust of visitors is essential to creating the profitability we all crave from our enterprises. This creates the image of professionalism to the market, in turn creating the longevity, which is the backbone to all business success. As quick profits generally turn a rapid decline.
    Conversion from Content
    As we have established from our SEO articles poor content is the wrong way to go about creating a web presence. You need to create insightful, engaging and informative content. You need to make sure that the content provides the right information the users have searched for.
    Your content must have been researched in depth, and provide accurate information. If you are writing a review be sure to present a balanced and well-constructed debate on the pros and cons of the object in review. This creates a sense of trust and professionalism as you are displaying the correct factors, that should be included in the review and not looking like you are going for the hard sell.
    Particular emphasis should be placed on helping the users make an informed judgement on the product. Your initial content should be an overview or introduction to the product. This should take the user down your sales ‘rabbit hole’. Which, you can convert with whitepapers, emails etc.
    Many novices dive into affiliate marketing driven by the perception of quick profits. However, the marketing campaigns that are carefully planned and implemented will outclass those that get greedy. A tip here is if your time is spread too thin, you can hire a freelance content writer to take the pressure off.
    Quality SEO
    Having a robust, quality SEO strategy is an important part of all internet ventures. However, with affiliate marketing there are other factors that need consideration.
    You need to choose a decent traffic source. Affiliate sites rely heavily on organic traffic. This means that, if you don’t have widespread and varied sources, there is a risk that you can potentially lose a significant portion of the sites users, if the site is not aligned with search engine algorithm criteria and updates.
    Furthermore, these sites have a habit of being part of private blog networks (PBN). Again, increasing the risk of dropping position in search rankings. Now marketers have improved their PBN structures in an attempt to fool the algorithms. Though it still carries significant risk of being detected.
    The best approach is to build a solid backlink portfolio, through valid, authority links. In doing so, the site will considerably less vulnerable to the development of search engine algorithm criteria.
    In summary employing and maintaining quality SEO will generally deliver success to an affiliate site.
    Another key aspect is how is your site unique in the market? There are thousands of other marketers saturating the same niche and product. If you do not have a unique selling point (USP) it’s very hard working your way to the top. As there is always someone who’s been in the game longer, has more resources and a larger user base.
    There are a variety of ways to differentiate. The main, and much more overt way is to invest time into developing your website design. Generic templates and un professional looking websites do not attract new users or retain users. You need to stand out!
    You must do your market research. How can you provide a better experience? Can you deliver information and answer questions more efficiently than the competition? What benefits can you offer? Are your ordering systems convenient and intuitive?
    Standing out amongst the static of SPAM, cold outreach and dubious offers is hard. That is why you must be prepared to deliver exceptional customer service that is unique and retains customers.
    The right niche
    Niche’s tend to be fickle and fleeting. As products are constantly being improved and changed. Just look at the mobile phone market, the depreciation of models, post release are exponential! Once people lose interest in the fad, trend or niche area earnings will decline rapidly.
    Therefore, pick a niche that tend to generate income in cycles. Like a popular Christmas product or valentines gift. Even though the income will fluctuate annually you can guarantee that you will have an income the same time next year.
    However, leave room for product expansion. This way similar products can be used to generate further revenue.
    If you use a site like click bank, you can find top selling products to add to your range. Beware the supply of products may reach a saturation point. Therefore, in depth research needs to be completed before choosing the product.
    Varied income streams
    In short, more income streams (that are profitable) will make you more money.
    The problem with lots of income streams is, you have to divide your time to maintain flow. Adding products and realising you can’t pay much attention to the original, will inevitably torpedo the business.
    However, you should always be searching for new opportunities and growth. Selling advertising and adding affiliate programs can be quite lucrative providing you have enough traffic flow through your website.
    It’s important you have a realistic and smart growth plan from the outset as you will find it hard to diversify and produce more income.
    If you’re interested in affiliate marketing this should be a good overall guide. As I have stressed in this article you need to research and plan your strategy before going ahead. There is also an option to buy affiliate websites. This will enable you to start without having to invest as much time in research.
    Happy marketing!
    What is Google Hummingbird?
    Google's latest algorithm operates under the alias "Hummingbird", it was released in September 2013. The name was generated to depict the algorithm's qualities "precise and fast", the design was made to better focus on the inferred relationships within words.
    Therefore, Hummingbird is designed to read to each word in a 'query' ensuring the whole query is analysed and contextualised rather than, each individual word within the query. The end result is pages that match the meaning, rank higher than the pages that match keywords.
    The Hummingbird algorithm now applies this technology to the trillions of pages across the internet and creates knowledge graph facts that may influence positive results.
    What does this mean to SEO?
    The switch in content is now drawn to intent. Instead of matching keywords Hummingbird connects the keywords in the query to the keywords in the content. This infers the relationship between the query and content. This may help deter Meta keyword spamming from black hat marketers.
    Therefore, if you are writing content now you need to be mindful of engagement, what the user wants and information you provide.  
    While communicating with the google spiders, keywords are still essential in the indexing process. The emphasis now switches to long-tail keywords, which are the key to convey intent.
    The concept content developers now need to grasp is to understand the reasons behind the user's search term queries and how you are going to address those needs in the content you create.
    Conclusion - Provide quality content and user experience
    Google, looks to highly rank brands that deliver high quality user experience from their web presence. Each update google has made to their algorithm, is trying to calculate end user experience. Website marketers now more than ever need to stay ahead of the algorithm changes to maximise the exposure on their brand.
    To do this you need to consider the points below.
    Quality, relevant and informative content: Unique and thought provoking content is essential. Keyword spamming may be detrimental to your ranking. Site Optimisation: Users need a positive experience. Ensure the content provides the 'searched for' information. Load times, page speed and design contribute here. Be mindful of mobile browsing also! Earn your links: Get the right sources for the right content. A link of a link of a link, isn't as strong as a first hand link that’s relevant to the content. Every google update has a profound effect on your website ranking. Align your website with the criteria ahead of time. If your website isn't getting ahead of the game, your ranking can crash literally overnight. 
    This culture Google is trying to develop in my opinion is very positive and will push internet ideology forward. It’s taking the desire to achieve a good ranking and influencing the user based content. Which, is what we should have been trying to produce initially. The lesson here is to develop quality content and robust digital strategies to reduce the risk of misalignment with new update criteria taking the share of the market from the sites that don’t.
    DPWS Media offer a web hosting service. I found an interesting article on the pro's and con's of reseller web hosting.
    Reseller Web Hosting
    Let us start learning what a reseller web hosting is by understanding what web hosting is all about. This will give you an advantage over others who start web hosting with limited knowledge. Success may therefore be around the corner if you understand what you are getting yourself into. Next, you will need to learn what the types of web hosting are, and of course, this includes what a reseller web hosting is. What is web hosting? Web hosting is an internet hosting service that allows people or organizations to host their own websites by connecting to the server of the web host. It is like a Building Administrator who sub-leases his building with different individuals or companies.

    What are the types of web hosting?
    · Free web hosting service
    · Shared web hosting service
    · Virtual dedicated server
    · Dedicated hosting service
    · Collocation hosting service
    · Cluster hosting
    · Reseller web hosting

    What are the Web services available?
    · File hosting 
    · Image hosting 
    · Video hosting 
    · Blog hosting
    · One-click hosting
    · Shopping cart hosting

    You now know what web hosting is, what the types of web hosting are and what we services are available. We can now move to the topic of our discussion. What is reseller web hosting? Reseller web hosting is a web hosting service that splits his hard drive space and bandwidth and resells web hosting. He is not necessarily the owner of the web hosting service, but he acquires a reseller web hosting service and resells spaces to individuals or organization. Using the above example, reseller is the unit lessee and he shares his unit to other business and charges them for the rent as well. This is of course illegal based on the Rental Code but in web hosting, this is a legal practice.

    What are the benefits of reseller web hosting?
    · You earn from reselling web-hosting service. You command your price and the web hosting company will not have any hand on your dealings with your customers.
    · You may earn from the sales made by your customers using the reseller web hosting you offer.
    · You are backed by the technical support provided by the web hosting company. You may then service your customers using this technical support. You therefore meet your customers' requirement even if you have minimal understanding of the technicalities and support they need.
    · You may also purchase add-on services from the web hosting company with discounted rates from 35% to 50%. You may resell this to your customers at your own discretion.

    Of course, these benefits will depend on the web hosting company you hire. It is therefore recommended that before you hop on the reseller web hosting bandwagon, do you homework; this will ensure you know what you are getting yourself into. It will also allow you to know, which among the huge selection of web hosting companies will be beneficial to you and your customers.
    Author: Charles Ryder
    Article Source: http://www.articlegeek.com/internet/web_hosting_articles/2586-resellerwebhost.htm
    Author Bio
    Charles Ryder is a successful Webmaster and publisher for numerous web sites. He provides useful, always accessible information for his reader.
    Good Evening Everyone,
    We have had some great news that we will be working on XBTIT script and its future maintenance, we are looking to provide better support and better codes within the tracker system, along with this give fantastic updates and upgrades to benefit the script and its future.
    We would like to say a massive thank you to Lupin for creating the script and developing the core product. He will still be credited as the founder of the project.
    We welcome all new members from the XBTIT/ BTITeam to our forums and hope our collaboration takes the project to even greater heights. 
    We understand that the transfer of the project will cause some confusion and distress to the BTITeam community. However, DPWS Media is aiming to provide all the support and assistance needed to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
    We want to express how excited we are to work with XBTIT and the BTITeam and we hope our community drives the integration of both onward and upward.
    The Project Page - Click Here
    Many thanks,
    Alan and Miles
    DPWS Media - Directors
    How to Optimise Web Pages for AdSense Ads
    If you are using Google AdSense or any similar program for earning revenue from your web site, then it is high time you realize the secrets of earning high Click Through Rate hence high revenue from your web pages. If you keep following points in mind then you may be able to increase your revenue appreciably. 
    Page Content
    •    AdSense can't interpret images without captions, the value of alt attribute in the img tag and surrounding text, so keep images to a minimum. If you are forced to use images, use proper captions and alt attributes.
    •    A single page of yours should have preferably same content to get more contextually relevant ads. Segregate pages having different content.
    •    Choose keywords on your page carefully. Certain keywords have a higher CPC. 
    Page Size
    •    Just have the right amount of content on your web page.
    •    If you have a large amount of content on any topic, still keep the pages short, because same amount of content spread over smaller pages make room for more pages. More pages mean more place for advertising meaning more revenue. 
    •    However, keep in mind that if you breakup any article unnecessarily into more pages, it may be irritating to the viewer. Hence, choose placing your same type of content on different pages carefully e.g. If there is a natural break in the content, or the paragraph heading changes, the content may be spread over different pages.
    •    Keep the page width in mind. Cater for people who still keep their screen size to 800x600 or less. As far as possible, avoid requirement of horizontal scrolling. 
    Refresh Page Content Regularly
    •    Search engines really appreciate new content. Take a bit of effort to provide content that appears new. You may not be able to change the reference content however; you can have RSS feeds from relevant sites to refresh the content regularly.
    •    The idea behind fresh content is that people should keep coming back to your site again and again. 
    Ad Positioning
    Studies have shown that ad positioning is crucial to content revenue generation. Positioning means the physical position of an ad on a web page, the size of the ad, and also which page(s) on a site carries an ad.
    •    You need to tweak your ads in terms of positioning regularly till a design that gives you the best CTR.
    •    Most studies show that ads positioned above the fold at the beginning of the page do better than ads lower on a page as the people don't have to scroll down to read down your Ads.
    •    One major positioning issue is context. Position your ads in such a way that they are contextually relevant and generate a high revenue.
    •    Donot overload pages with Ads. 
    Ad Style
    There is no secret formula to tell you that which AdSense color or color pallete will work best. Results are different for different sites and experimenting and monitoring the results may give the best option. You can chose two options that you can choose: 
    •    Use the color palette to match your site, this way, some users may click on the ads because they think they are part of your site, not ads. Click here to see an example.
    •    Use a color choice that starkly contrasts with your site. Your ads will be more noticeable, and thus it is more likely that they may be clicked. Click here to see an example. 
    The end point is, you will have to constantly tweak your ads in terms of positioning and placement. If you can track your ads, nothing like it as you will be able to know which ads and pages are giving you a higher revenue so that you can use similar templates for other pages.

    Author: Balraj BaaLee
    I have been in internet marketing business for more than a year now and have experienced considerable success. I am maintaining a website on money making sources and free tips at www.10by10guide.com
    Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com - Free Website Content
    Article Link: http://www.articlegeek.com/internet/web_design_articles/6044-howtooptimisewe.htm
    We have just installed and launched our links directory for those who would like to share their sites with us, not only that it give us chance to link back to you if you have a link directed to us.
    The links system is in place to help showcase our members sites and findings to help give our community a links resource to fantastic information and giving you a place to show off your websites too (within reason *No Adult Related).
    To go to our links directory go to the menu at the top which states "Links Directory" and you will have the options to submit websites for approval.
    If you have any feedback or ideas for the links directory please feel free to contact a team member and we will work on implementing what you might see missing or changes to be made.
    Are you a developer, designer, writer or have created something special that our members could benefit from?
    If the answer is yes! Then DPWS Community wants you we love to share and promote your work so that you can maximize the sales through our marketplace, All you have to do is submit your work on your terms and we will do the rest in promoting and selling your digital products so that you get the best out of your creations.
    It doesn't stop there, our team or community may help and assist with addons or additional extras to help improve your creations (unless specifically stated otherwise) to get it to that next level and increase the potential it has.
    We look forward to meeting and seeing these whole new creations and going to enjoy promoting globally.
    If you take a look on the Internet, you'll be shocked to discover how many people have to learn the secrets of search engine optimization. This is certainly the most used and fundamental of all of the methods used to increase search engine traffic. Choose the correct keywords and phrases, introduce them inside the site code, and you have the recipe for success.
    I understand that while you're reading these lines, it all sounds so easy. Well, here is the idea, what really calls for a great effort and plenty of commitment will be the actual execution of the search engine optimization techniques.
    At this time, you can find companies that increase search engine traffic by manipulating Google and other search engines. Organizations which actually use such methods don't have the inherent website features to draw in visitors. Affiliate websites and e-commerce web pages frequently try to manipulate the search engines to acquire what they want. Why make things so complicated when you can just stick to the search engine regulations and make a profit? Feed Google what it wants and things can change!
    The best methods to increase search engine visitors is by carefully making use of copy writing, links and networks of all types. Many 'experts' make SEO sound really complicated and unrealistic for the typical Internet marketer, but they are just trying to keep you in the dark for fear of becoming unemployed.
    It is possible to increase search engine traffic if you generate good subject material, distribute it to article directories and constantly supply something new on your business website. High quality is a must.
    If you find a way to get good search engine rankings, traffic will come too. From titles to content pages, everything has a relevancy. Short, snappy titles always get the attention. Keep in mind your individual Internet user routines when you create the content articles. A good title for a good topic is what matters most under the circumstances. We can in fact, look at titles as an additional form of promotion, because individuals know what to expect or they are enticed to find out more. A great title convinces!
    Try and get links from authoritative websites simply because they really improve search engine traffic. Usually, links will show results over time. You will have links from many sources that are going to be pointing to your site. Moreover, you can also gain quite a lot if you motivate web visitors to refer your website to friends and acquaintances.
    There’s no question that social media is a powerful marketing tool. Of the world's 7.2 billion population there is 2 billion that have some form of social media account. With that being said using social media as a marketing tool for your business is too good of an opportunity to miss.
    However, social media is a storm of memes, viral videos and cats doing stupid things. So we need to create different types of content to fit the various types of platforms and opportunities to provide exposure. Therefore, regardless of content there are a few key points on maximising your social media opportunities.
    1. Quality is key.
    When considering your target audience, going big may appear better on paper. However, collecting a large following that doesn’t interact with your brand is less effective than a smaller following that contribute and promote the brand. It’s much more beneficial to have 1,000 active contributors instead of 10,000 who visit the site once and forget their login details.
    2. Simplicity and Elegance
    Focus on your brand or product and you will find that your social media campaign will be drowned in a sea of crazy cats or Harambe memes. The real attention should be paid to creating solid relationships with other users. Another point here is if you are pushing your page and product, people will take a very dim view on spamming this way.
    Adding value to your content is determined by the notoriety a post gets the more people talk the more reach and exposure your brand gets. Social media users get tired and frankly annoyed by the hard sell. Create context to your content. If your company sells software, write a post about the problems it solves and the benefits it brings. Here value has been created because it is of use to your connections.
    3. Audience Engagement is Key!
    Audiences on social media are always ready to voice their thoughts and opinions on comment threads its very common place especially on controversial posts or content that deals with world issues. Using tools like polls, questions and surveys within social campaigns. Using our software company analogy asking them their most frustrating computer problems and they’ll engage fully with the brand as everyone loves a good moan.
    4. Images are good!
    Having a persuasive argument in text is fundamental. However, an intriguing image draws the reader. Always find a photo that is appropriate to your content as it’ll attract attention and engagement from your followers. To increase its effect a catch quote from within the content may catch a few wandering eyes, long enough to draw them in.
    5. Complaint and negativity management
    With positivity always comes negativity, and social media is rife with keyboard warriors. While you feel that negative comments will eviscerate any rapport with your audience, you should respond swiftly and politely. Offering an apology and solving the problem is the best way to manage this. However, if the comment is abusive then you may delete and report it as appropriate. Showing you care is a good way to increase your rapport and show the business operates maturely and in good faith.
    6.  A long game is a good game!
    Success definitely doesn’t form overnight. There are other companies with larger advertising budgets and many more minions to slave over their social media campaigns trying to occupy the same space as you. However, don’t give up! Employing the right strategy and delivering the valuable content in the right places will get your company noticed.

    We have done a lot of digging around and have complied a list of top affiliate networks (Cost Per Sale) that are the best to join for 2016.
    These are the industry leaders that provide the levels of customer service, professionalism and consistent ROI that is the mark of a top network. They have also learned to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and incredibly competitive environment, so they are without exception run by smart, effective leaders. In our opinion, these are the best CPS affiliate networks in the world.
    Featured Affiliate Network - (Go To Website)
    Rakuten Affiliate Network is voted the best, but this time by a clear margin. The consistent investment in technology and people seems to be a winning formula.
    1 - ShareASale - (Go To Website)
    Moving up in the ranks, ShareASale is proving to be a stable network with a solid history.

    2 - eBay Partner Network - (Go To Website)
    eBay Partner Network is incredibly well-respected by people who know the performance marketing industry. A great network.
    3 - CJ Affiliate by Conversant - (Go To Website)
    A top tier network that dropped back a little this year. We hear grumblings about their tracking even though technology is normally a CJ strong suit.
    4 - Click Bank - (Go To Website)
    Enormous and enormously popular, ClickBank is still the entry point to the industry for a huge number of merchants.
    5 - Amazon.com - (Go To Website)
    Amazon Affiliates remains the industry entry-point for many publishers. Their broad product offerings and ease of use make it simple.
    6 - Affiliate Window - (Go To Website)
    The best network in Europe and increasingly prominent in the USA. Well worth a look for any publisher or advertiser looking to go global.
    7 - Avantlink - (Go To Website)
    Tied with FlexOffers. Both are great networks and were neck and neck. Avantlink remains stable and professionally operated with a great business model.
    8 - Webgains - (Go To Website)
    Based in the UK but with an active US office, Webgains tries to stay focused on solid core values.
    9 - Trade Doubler - (Go To Website)
    Another very strong European network and founded way back in 1999, TradeDoubler has global reach and a great publisher network.
    10 - Share Results - (Go To Website)
    Share Results is a decade-old network, confident enough to invest in developing their own technology and with a loyal set of retail-oriented clients.
    From today, photos, videos, GIFs and quote tweets will no longer count towards Twitter's 140-character limit.
    Attachments currently add 24 characters to the length of a tweet, but Twitter has dropped this limit in a bid to attract more users to the network.
    In a tweet, Twitter wrote: "Say more about what's happening! Rolling out now: photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets no longer count toward your 140 characters."
    These changes, which also give users the ability to retweet their own tweets, were announced in May and have been rolled out today.
    The site is also testing the changes on replies. For example, when replying to a tweet, reply @names will no longer count toward the 140 character count.
    "One of the things we were hearing from [users] was that it was a frustration when a video or a photo or a GIF, or a handle in a reply was taking up some of their 140 characters," Dara Nasr, Twitter's UK managing director, told WIRED. "Because they're not part of the narrative of the tweet, they're just an attachment, we thought we could remove that".
    In February, Twitter switched from using entirely chronological timelines to a partly-algorithmic system that bumped certain tweets to the top of timelines to enable users to catch up on tweets from their favourite users that they might have missed. Despite the inevitable tweetstorm in response to the changes, just two per cent of users have opted out of the non-chronological timeline.
    This move, and the latest changes to character limits, are part of Twitter's response to stagnant growth and falling stock prices. Last year, Twitter announced it was laying off eight per cent of its entire workforce after slow user growth lead to a 20 per cent drop in stock price. Twitter's latest quarterly update showed that monthly active user figures in the US continue to show zero growth, while in the rest of the world user numbers are growing slowly.
    "What we don't want to do is totally change our product – what we want to do is take a great product and make it even greater," Nasr told WIRED.
    Last week, the site rolled out read receipts for its Direct Messages, link previews and typing indicators too, pitting it directly against the likes of WhatsApp.
    How tweets are changing
    Attachments: embedded attachments such as photos, GIFs, videos, polls or quote tweets will no longer count towards the 140-character limit
    Retweets: the retweet button will be enabled on your own tweets so users can re-share older or unloved tweets
    Replies: when replying to tweets, Twitter handles will no longer count towards the character limit
    Goodbye to .@: new tweets that begin with a username will appear in the timeline of all you followers, meaning you no longer need to use .@username. Replies to that tweet will only be seen by you, or by people that follow you and the person replying to your tweet
    Credits: Wired.co.uk
    Get Microsoft Office, Word & Excel free on your PC and laptop
    We will show you how to get Word for free on Windows. You can get Microsoft Office, Word & Excel free on your PC, but there are also great free alternatives to Word and Office.
    It's a common misconception that Windows comes complete with Microsoft Office for every user. However, there are ways of getting Office, including Word, on Windows 10 for free. See also: How to use Excel
    So you've got a new PC, laptop or tablet and want Microsoft Office, there are ways of getting it for free (restrictions apply) and we're going to show you how. Also, there are plenty of free alternative office suites which are compatible with Microsoft's version.
    How to get Office for free on Windows 10
    Microsoft's current strategy for Office means that you can download its mobile apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free on a wide range of devices including Android and iOS. You can download these apps for Windows 10 using the links below.
    Word Mobile Excel Mobile PowerPoint Mobile
    What you can and can't do
    While these are free for any Windows 10 device, they don't simply allow you full access to all the functions. If you're using a PC or laptop you'll only be able to read documents and will need an Office 365 subscription to create and edit. However, those of you running Windows 10 on a device with a 10.1in screen or smaller (so, many tablets) can use the apps fully including creating and editing.
    Being able to view documents isn't much use so for anyone on a PC, laptop or tablet with a screen bigger than 10.1in then you'll want to use an alternative to Microsoft Office if you don't want to pay. An Office 365 Subscription will cost you from £5.99 per month.
    Before we look at some alternatives, remember that you can use Office Online if you have a Microsoft account, and that isn't limited to only PCs or laptops running Windows 10. This is essentially Office but you just use it entirely in your web browser. You can also try Office 2016 for free.

    Best free Microsoft Office alternatives
    There are various alternatives to Microsoft Office out there that are completely free. Our recommendation is LibreOffice which is a full suite that's regularly updated and allows you to open and save documents in Microsoft formats. You can download LibreOffice here.
    Should you happen to dislike Libre Office, you can also check out free alternatives such as WPS Office, Free Office and Google Docs which is now simple a part of Google Drive.
    Credits: PCAdviser
    We are looking for people from all walks of life that would love to join our community in the web world to help provide a unique source for many scripts, solutions, tutorials, downloads, IT / Web solutions and so much more.
    DPWS Media will offer a wide community that will help you get quick resolution to many queries and information to help support what you need.
    We also have a range of designers, coders, writers and people that always enjoy to support you, Why not even join us even if you know a lot of information, we love to share and give each other help within the IT & Web world. We are looking for you even if you think you may not even need us just yet,
    You will be suprised for our future and would love your help to share and expose what we will be in the future.
    We are looking to be a community driven solution for the IT & Web world yet sustain a good level of products and services.
    We cater for all and hope that we can share the knowledge to the next generation of IT & Web professionals and newbies over the whole world.
    DPWS Media welcomes you!!! and look forward to seeing you in our community
    Your website serves as the digital storefront for your business. If it doesn’t look appealing, load quickly or even have a mobile version, customers are going to keep walking. Many small business owners rely on their website to bring in a steady stream of leads and educate potential customers on what they offer.
    However, when it comes to designing and developing a website, most of those same small business owners think they can’t have all the bells and whistles that larger businesses have. But that’s not true. Why? Meet WordPress.
    WordPress is a free platform that powers the back end of your website. It’s commonly referred to as a “content management system” because of its ability to let you easily create and organize all of the pages and media you upload to your site.
    Interested in learning why it’s the best option for your small business’ website? Keep reading . . .
    1. You’ll be able to start using your website as a blog.
    If you’re using a separate website to host your blog or, worse, have no blog at all (at least yet), switching your site over to WordPress will quickly solve that problem. Not only is the software incredibly easy to operate (adding new pages/posts literally takes seconds), but it’s the perfect platform for blogging about your small business.
    Simply set up a page on your site dedicated to your blog (just call it “blog” or some catchy name that plays off your brand). Then you can start adding posts to that page. A blog is your easiest and most effective way to continuously add new content to your site and keep customers up-to-date with your business.
     2. WordPress constantly updates itself for safety and security.
    Instant updates mean you can be confident your website’s security is always up to date and aligned with the best, most current policies. While some other content management systems might require you to manually check for updates or may be slack on performing maintenance, WordPress does the work for you.
    You can sleep soundly knowing that your site will automatically update, and knowing, too, that WordPress will keep working to better its system and make things more secure for users and visitors.
    3. WordPress is open source.
    "Open source" simply means that developers are able to contribute to WordPress’ software in the form of plugins, themes and updates. How does that benefit you? The system is constantly improving and getting better, and a new addition doesn’t cost you a cent. You can reap all the benefits of these improvements without paying for them.
    4. WordPress is SEO friendly.
    SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the idea of making your website more searchable by engines like Google and Yahoo. While mastering SEO can take some investment of time WordPress offers ways for business owners to optimize their site in the easiest ways possible. Check out the free Yoast SEO plugin, which shows you step-by-step how your content ranks and where there’s room to improve.
    5. WordPress is no newbie.
    This CMS is swimming in familiar water. It’s been around for more than ten years so it’s safe to say it’s a sure thing. While WordPress (like any CMS) isn’t perfect, it’s pretty much problem-free. Over the years, its engineers have had time to work out those little kinks and improve, aging the system into a timeless CMS that all levels of web developers have come to love.
    6. Coding for WordPress is standard for any web developer.
    A lot of small business owners hire a web developer who then builds a complicated website that no one else can manage. That’s all well and good if you never need to change your website again -- but that’s rare.
    One of the reasons WordPress is so great is that it’s become such a popular choice any web developer knows how to code for it. Whenever a problem pops up that you can’t fix, or you decide to redesign your website's look, any developer will be able to get the job done.
    7. Having a WordPress website puts you in good company.
    Yes, WordPress is “every guy’s CMS.” That being said, its capabilities extend far beyond the basic ones; and some of the biggest companies in the world use WordPress to power their sites. How big is “big”? The New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Inc. (to name a few).
    WordPress is great for small businesses because it has everything you need to create a visually pleasing, fully functional, scalable website, and it also offers endless possibilities if your business or budget grows down the road.
    Wrapping Up
    Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or your small business is growing like a weed, you want a website that grows as you do. WordPress gives you that option.
    Article credits: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/271710