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  1. Forum Software

    I'm using XenForo for most of them and MyBB for the others. I like XenForo cause I've gotten used to it and there are many good free themes for it. Now, as for MyBB, the free themes aren't so hot (subjective opinion), but I found a good free premium one. Anyway, as far as other factors are concerned, MyBB and XenForo have the bells and whistles I need, though, XenForo obviously has more of them included with the package.
  2. The free forum software is said to be easier to hack, but I have my doubts. Anyway, the premium stuff has certain bells and whistles included so many see it as a good bargain - especially probably if they are bad at adding mods. I mean, paying someone for help could be more than simply buying IPB or XenForo software. Well, what do you all see as advantages of free software? In my case, I'd say for an experienced web developer, free wouldn't have many more advantages than premium. In fact, there could be disadvantages with premium. For instance, MyBB has free point and advertising mods, but XenForo only has paid ones - and they're both around 40 USD.
  3. Domain Hacks

    This name sounds weird but on NamePros.com, a domaining forum, it's quite a common word. Basically, it means a name paired with a domain extension to make a witty word or phrase. For isnstance, BirdWatching.Club is a domain hack, but BirdWatching.tk is not. Anyway, this whole trend of domain hacks is popular now - but ironically, most experts still advise that a professional site wanting to make money should only use a .com - simply because people will forget the name.
  4. Well, one thing is the extension. I mean, some extensions fit what your doing better. Also, another thing to consider is the renewal fee. For instance, the registration might be cheap but the renewal high - while at another company, the renewal might not be so cheap, but the renewal rate is reasonable - so which do you consider a better deal?
  5. I like .xyz, .club, .zone, and .host. .Info and .biz are also good but they're not really weird as they've been around quite along time. Anyway, some others might eventually grow on me, but I don't know how long that will take.
  6. Some people like tickets and others want live support. Also, there might even be people who don't mind using a forum to find answers - and that's the case with one free provider I know. Anyway, myself, I don't mind tickets because they are fast, but I probably wouldn't like forum support. However, though, if the forum answered stuff quickly, then it might not be so bad. It's sort of like how phpBB and MyBB answer its support questions. Nonetheless, sometimes their support isn't the best.
  7. Green Hosting

    Some people like it because they want to be environmentally conscious. However, though, I'm sure a good number of people are cynical. They might see this as some scam to get money. They might claim that green hosting isn't making a difference. Well, do you think it is?
  8. Free hosting is free. Obviously, that's the big turn-on. However, though, it has a lot of pitfalls. For instance, if there are no-ads, then resources and/or support will probably be limited. Also, if there are ads, well, there is the situation of - having ads. A lot of people don't like them.
  9. Disturbing songs

    Quite a bit of western popular music is disturbing. For instance, some pastors claim it's Satanically inspired and - after looking at the evidence, I'd have to agree. It's just too creepy to deny. Look at the lyrics of some Michael Jackson songs to start. Look at Led Zeppelin's lyrics.
  10. How loud?

    I have massive tinnitus, no joke, so I cannot handle music without hearing protection. But there is a thing going around saying protection is for wimps, but I mean, my ears literally ache for days. However, though, I cannot deny that loud music is more fun. However, there is some power to loud music with hearing protection on.
  11. Do you play a musical instrument?

    I play drums as my main instrument. However, though, I'm decent on guitar and am not too bad on bass and piano. However, though, the bass and piano need some work.
  12. Cheating Guides for Games - Pros and Cons

    I have to 2nd the motion here. The guides are something to avoid at all costs - but incredibly no-hope situations would make them useful and of course, after finding the answer you wonder, "Why didn't I see that?". However, though, there is an industry of this stuff so possibly many gamers don't mind them. Anyway, my nephew likes them - but it's because, and sorry to sound comically cynical, he's only 8 years old - and tacking games made for a higher age.
  13. Favourite Atari Games

    Yeah, I definitely enjoyed Pitfall Harry back in the 80s, and from what I can scantily remember, the other ones mentioned. Anyway, it's amazing those games intrigued people as much as newer games do people now. Well, they had to or people would think their boring, right?
  14. Facebook Marketing

    Social media posts on Facebook pages and groups can be deceiving because the posts only reach a very tiny percentage - unless you pay. However, though, for most people in developed nations, paying isn't a big deal. Anyway, there is also simply Facebook ads which operate on a PPC bidding system. Has anyone tried them? I did once.
  15. Whats your best way you generate traffic

    Given my lack of a budget, I normally make-do with a "pay-4-show" ad on a promotional forum and the generosity of a Facebook group owner who boosts my posts for nothing. However, though, given a budget, I would certainly like to try paid social media boosting and quality PPC. Also, I might get into SEO if I feel the SEO company has competitive rates.