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  1. Promotion

    I'm going to try and promote this forum; and get more activity built up.
  2. Godaddy Views

    I haven't used Godaddy. I'm not sure if I would pick them a domain registrar if I choose to pay for another domain if I owned another site. What's your experience with Godaddy?
  3. Cloudflare

    Personally, I haven't used Cloudflare as past forum owner. Is it good for preventing DDoS Attacks? Have you used it, what do you think of it as a website owner?
  4. Moving to SSL

    I agree, SSL makes your website more secure. Having that green padlock there makes your site secure. I had it on my forum.
  5. How much staff?

    I agree with you. I would hire staff members once the forum has built up in activity. This is the best way to hire staff for a online community.
  6. Increasing traffic

    It's all about receiving those first few hits to your website and letting people know about your website. I did the following: Submitted my site to major search engines Finally, used promotional forums to advertise.
  7. How much money have you spent so far?

    I used free hosting on my last forum therefore I didn't invest any money into my last community. You ca pay for upgrades on free forums to get better service, but I didn't. I was happy with the free service that I was received.
  8. Do you create fake accounts?

    I agree, it's a waste of time. It doesn't create any activity on your forum. I didn't create fake accounts when I was a forum owner.
  9. No. There was pre-made themes on the free forum. I picked them.
  10. Ranking Going Down

    I agree, SEO is very tough because there are so many websites that are submitted on search engines. All I do is I submit my site to the major search engines and I hope for the best
  11. phpBB or XenForo

    A classic friendly forum debate: phpBB or XenForo. Which is the best forum software? I think is phpBB is.
  12. Forum, Blog or Website

    Would you rather run a blog, forum or a website? Explain why! Forum for me.
  13. Forum Name

    Did you ever change your forum name? What made you change the name of your forum? I did not change my forum name on my previous forum.
  14. Unbanning members

    Do you let members appeal there ban? If you ban a member, is there ban permanent? How do unban banned members?
  15. Banning members

    Yes! I banned a member once because they threatened to send a spambot attack to my forum. I'm not that strict, but I reinforce the rules which I have in place.