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  1. Megapolis



    Build your own city and make heaps of money in this addictive strategy game. Construct beautiful and functional city zones with plenty of modern blocks and keep your residents happy by providing all services they need, and they will reward you with a tidy profit. It’s up to you how to play - you can work your way to the top in the comprehensive campaign mode or you can create and play your own custom scenarios. Build dozens of houses, structures and other buildings. Trophies and awards available for the meticulous gamer! Construct beautiful and functional city zones. Build dozens of houses, structures and other buildings. Win trophies and awards in 24 unique campaign scenarios. Play your own custom scenarios. Reach up to 22 achievements.


  2. Which is Best Social Network in 2015? 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Google +
  3. How is the Weather?

    How is the weather where you are at? Is it hot, cold, somewhere in between? Tell us! It will be dry this evening, and during the first part of the night. Cloud will increase with occasional rain arriving later. Rain should clear just before dawn. Feeling chilly in brisk or strong westerly winds
  4. Favourite Atari Games

    When I was a child it was the big thing along with the original NES. Anyway, my Favorited games were Pole Position and especially Pitfall Harry. However, other popular ones were Asteroid and qBert.
  5. I think they massively ruin the fun. In fact, I would only want them as a last resort. However, though, there are times when you want to finish a game, but a pesky level stops you. In that case, what else is there to do? Oh, by the way, where are these guides? Well, there is IGN and lots of YouTube channels.
  6. In this video we teach you and answer: How To Create An Email Account In cPanel. cPanel allows it's users to create email accounts if the hosting provider permits it. If you are new to the web hosting control panel called cPanel, the this cPanel Tutorial / Training video is for you.We will take you through the process step by step to make it simple and easy for you to pick it up in no time.
  7. The latest Fortnite update has not only added some spooky goodies for players but has also added a whole host of new features to the game including leaderboards, seasons and the much-awaited customisations of characters to the Battle Royale mode. The patch has also added voice chat for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version had received it earlier. After some issues with input latency on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, Epic Games has greatly tried to reduce this to help ensure players have as smooth an experience as possible. This should help make controls feel a lot more responsive and should help in close quarter battles especially. The biggest update which most users will have been wanting since the game was released is the release of the Leaderboards. The leaderboard has been split up so that players can see how they rank against their division and their friends. Players will be randomly assigned to a division which consists of 50 active players and will be reassigned every week. Each match type (Solo, Duos & Squads) have been given their own separate division and leaderboard. Season Levels have also been added to Fortnite Battle Royale to give a feeling of progression in the game. This will allow players to level up their character and be rewarded with in-game season content. Daily challenges have been included to allow you to progress even faster through levels. The full patch note can be found here: Epic Games Patch Notes for Fortnite Update 1.8
  8. EaseUS Partition Master Pro

    Version 12.5


    Manage Your Hard Disk Easily EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the most popular disk partition manager software for Windows that can easily resize, create, move, merge, delete, format, split, hide, explore and even check disk partitions to maximize PC performance Exclusive to dpws-media, It's now $10 off


  9. DAEMON Tools Pro 8

    Version Lifetime


    Since 2000s, DAEMON Tools Pro is known as powerful and professional emulation software to work with disc images and virtual drives. Times change, but DAEMON Tools Pro remains a fan-favorite imaging tool. Meet its new version with even more professional features and time-tested system interface. Deamon tools pro 8, Full lifetime licence. Exclusive to dpws media it's 20% cheaper then anywhere else. Full-fledged mounting Mount all popular types of images from application or Explorer Grab images from physical discs with advanced parameters Create both Dynamic and Fixed virtual hard disks Store sensitive data in TrueCrypt containers Professional emulation Emulate up to 32 DT, HD & SCSI drives together with 4 IDE devices Mount with double-click or customize the emulation process manually Attach virtual drives to physical ones and set advanced emulation options Emulate disc burning process with Virtual Burner Advanced imaging tools Create new and edit existing Audio CD and Data images Convert, compress and protect image files with password Burn data with RMPS, make Audio CDs and copy discs Store all your favorite image files in handy Images catalog Writing images to USB Create a raw disk image from USB device content Burn Raspberry Pi OS to SD card Restore factory state of a USB stick Work with USB drives right from Pro Media Info panel Find more about game images you store and mount Be in touch with the latest news from gaming industry Read game reviews and watch related videos Get access to the growing gaming community right from DAEMON Tools Pro Classic interface Work with improved but native system interface Get access to the functionality from application, tray agent and gadget Use DAEMON Tools Pro features via Windows Explorer Customize the main window and Image Editor


  10. System Mechanic

    Version 16.5


    System Mechanic® is the only performance solution that first deploys a series of automated maintenance actions to keep your PC stable and clutter-free, and then goes to work using proprietary technology to precision-tune dozens of internet, processor, memory and hard drive settings in real time for maximum speed and performance. System Mechanic operates whenever your PC is idle, removing junk files, registry fragments and other unwanted clutter that confuses and slows down Windows. Then, while you are playing or working, the LiveBoost feature scales back processor-hogging apps, unlocks trapped RAM and idle CPU cores for programs when they need it, and improves under-performing network settings for the smoothest streaming, gaming, or browsing available with your broadband connection. 1 year license for new customers only More Information http://www.iolo.com/products/system-mechanic/


  11. Promotion

    And how you going to go about it? what are your ideas you have in mind other then what we have done so fair?
  12. Owned Consoles

    I used to own an PS2. That's all
  13. What is SMF?

    Simple Machines Forum, SMF in short is a free open software that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.
  14. I learn allot from TAfe for Adults, Yet again mostly it's self taught and till this day I'm still learning new things
  15. Hello!

    Hello @DudeThatsErin and welcome to dpws-media Please feel free to browse our forum, if you have any questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to ask the community and we gald to help you out as much as we can. Once again thank-you and have an great time