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  1. Welcome on board Myers great to see you here, if you need anything feel free to ask
  2. Forum posting is great for engaging in some good conversations and gaining a good following. I must admit i have made some very good friends through many forums on the web
  3. yes the Marketplace is for Members products and services and the store will be for official DPWS Media products and services when we start populating the store that is
  4. I use Inkscape / Photoshop / Illustrator for a few of my designs though i will be honest i am not the best for designs and our latest brand image on DPWS Media was done by a very good friend who uses Photoshop / Illustrator and has done a wonderful job i think
  5. DPWS - Stands for Diverse Products and Web Solutions
  6. Welcome on board Tommy, we hope you find it very interesting and if you need anything please feel free to ask us.
  7. Hi and welcome to DPWS Media, what do you need help with ?
  8. I would move this topic but the marketplace doesnt use or share the forums. Members have to submit to the marketplaces :-)
  9. Im pretty much the same as you though i have found that some people that use social media do gain a good wealth of traffic and then build leads to long lasting relationships, how they do it is some what of a mystery to me, though im old school with forums and site to site based contact building up a good friend base to help promote and gain better site reputation. i may be old fashioned but at times it does still prove hard work but great rewards in the long term
  10. dpws

    there is indeed hopefully we become a fantastic community in the world Also the about us page is linked in our footer goes to the below url
  11. dpws

    Once you get used to the site you will find it quite exiting to use and work with, the site does seem a little large but the niche we are going for is very extensive and hopefully prove to be a great community as we build it up
  12. i am the same i like crypto currencies, my favourite at the moment is similar to you BTC and Lite i also store doge and peercoin
  13. Hi Mike welcome to DPWS Media, we hope you will enjoy it here and if you need anything feel free to ask us. Welcome on board
  14. Invision Power Services are well into development on IPS Community Suite 4.2 and are excited to start announcing all the new features and improvements. Their next big release is focused on engagement with your members. You will see enhancements to the Reputation system, new ways to encourage people to register on your community, and enhancements to existing features to make them more interactive. There are also entirely new capabilities we all cannot wait to see ranging from new ways to organize content to tools to help promote your community. Version 4.2 also features a refreshed AdminCP and default front-end design. Theme changes in 4.2 are mostly in the CSS framework so your existing themes will either work without issue or require minor changes to work in the new version. Over the next several weeks Invision Power Services will be posting news entries with previews of upcoming features fairly often. They expect IPS Community Suite 4.2 to be out in mid-2017 with a public preview available sooner. Everyone at IPS has worked very hard on this update and they say that we will love it! what is your thoughts on the new feature sets coming out in the new 4.2 and will it be a great solution for you and us going forward.
  15. Essential Guide To Affiliate Profits



    Even though affiliate marketing involves promoting other people's businesses, products and services, the same points apply to affiliate marketing as they do to ANY business... It's all about offering the right products to the right people! We will show you exactly how to become a successful affiliate marketer... Here are just some of things you'll learn inside: How to choose the right products to give you maximum results. The one mindset change that will have a massive impact on your chances of success (HINT: It's all about NOT focusing on the money) The reason why one product might be a better bet than another, even though you might initially think it's the other way around... Why you must build a list if you want to be a successful affiliate - and an outline of how you can do it. Tactics and strategies to make people buy from you and not somebody else. Why affiliate marketing is often about becoming a trusted advisor in your niche - and how to do it. Making money from product reviews - and why product negatives can actually increase your chances of making sales.