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The DPWS Core is our main forums from general conversations to suggestions and problems you may see on the website. These are the core topics to do with DPWS Media, General conversation and welcoming new members etc.........


  1. New To DPWS Media

    Introduce yourself to our community, say hello and be welcomed by our friendly and informative community here at DPWS

  2. The DPWS Lounge

    Speak about anything and have some fun with our members and share generalized topics with each other. So pull up a seat!

  3. DPWS Feedback & Comments

    We would like to here from you if you have any ways you think that we can improve our site along with comments that we can take on board so we can work to make our community better.

  4. Site Bugs & Errors

    Have you come across a bus or problem with the website, Please let us know in here so that we can look into it and solve the issue that is on the site.  Ensure you provide as much details as possible when submitting a Bug or Error along with any error codes you may have seen from the website. We will aim to get these errors fixed in a timely manor to ensure the website is running smoothly