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  2. I thought you mean software you use on a daily bases and kik is a messaging app something like facebook messenger
  3. As for me running on an free based forum! I did use SMF (Simple forum machine) for six months and it was good to start of with however after you got to know the deep end it's not what you think off. Afterwards I wasn't happy and left. WordPress is the best regards to getting good amount of options for free
  4. I heard and read an short information about the game. Other then that It's not in my taste
  5. I guess most of you guys must have heard of this game by now. It's really popular. I have been playing this game for two days now and I couldn't stop. I have been playing it during my breaks, journeys, ...whatnot. It's a really cool game. Well, I am not into any action games, or save the world games. So, I like it a lot. If you want, to give it a try everyone!
  6. My real name is Sneha. Its my given name. It means friendship in our language. I like my name a lot as it was given to me by my mom, whom I love the most. People often use Neha, for my name, and I dislike that quite a bit. I like the meaning of neha too but your name can never be able to be replaced by something else.
  7. Well, I have used icyboards for a short time, but I have taken it down, as I preferred to run hosting on my own. It's easier that way, to install plugins, themes and customizing stuff however you like. Also, you have complete control over the ads too. So, I would suggest to go for a cheap paid hosting rather than free hosting. I have heard of proboards too. It's pretty popular.
  8. Well, when you are dealing with large applications, you will need several tables, views, indexes....whatnot. So, of course, if you try to retrieve huge data, it would somehow become a lengthy query. I have written a query of 15 lines yesterday. I made sure that I was not dealing with null values at any point. So, I don't think we have to worry about advanced sql queries or lengthy sql queries, as long as you know what you are doing.
  9. Mybb Forum? Have you installed it locally on your machine or something? I didn't know that it can be installed like that. As for outlook, you can always use the website to just go to that particular account. Also, outlook supports merging. So, as long as it's not restricted, you can view all the mails in just one account. P.S. I have no idea what Kik is though
  10. How many of you guys heard of these songs here? They are pretty popular with hundreds of vocaloids. They are not actually sung by any singer rather they are made using a software. Of course, the voice, is taken from the actual singers though. If you haven't tried them, do try servant of evil by kahamine len. That's the song that made my love vocaloid songs. Do let me know your opinion about them, after listening to them.
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  12. I have travelled around the world quite a fair bit. I went to New York a few years ago and it was the best experience of my life. I want to go again, the city was brilliant. I loved the busy feeling of it, and the sights were wonderful. The subway and the taxi rides were fantastic. I've been to Paris and enjoyed it. I've also been to Sydney.
  13. I listen to music via youtube. One reason is because it's free. I can put all of my music into a playlist. It has every song on there, the same with spotify. But I've been listening to music on Youtube for ages, so I will stick with that. I also listen to it via headphones, as if I listen to speakers it could disturb other people in my house.
  14. I've got one. I think it's fantastic. I love the portability of it. You can play wherever you want it to. It's fit's nicely on your shelf meaning that it isn't too big. They have some fantastic games that have been released for the switch. Zelda is an example of this. I'm also excited for FIFA and WWE to be released on it. I also find it has quick loading times.
  15. There are different types of music that I love. But the one I love the most is Pop. The reason why I think the pop is my most favourite is because it's the one that I grew up with at the time. I grew up with things like Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne. One thing I cannot stand is rap. I hate it.
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  17. I play this game on PC. I'm a huge football fan and have dreams of managing a team. This game does that. It goes in depth a lot, and there is a lot to do. The tactics options are fantastic, because you can create the instructions for players to go forward as an example. I also love the transfer stuff, as you can make a lot of different transfer options like buy back clauses. I love the match engine and the social feed is a brilliant addition to the game.
  18. I personally love this game. I really enjoyed playing it on the PS2 years ago. I loved the map on it, it was huge and fun to explore. The missions in the story mode were wonderful and challenging which made it fun to play. The characters was superb. I loved how there was a lot of side missions like taxi driver and valet parking. I prefer this to GTA 5.
  19. GameFume

    GameFume is an Upcoming gaming forum focused on gamers mostly or anyone who loves games. History of our opening well I wanted a site were users can talk about games and as well have forum on it the first name for Gamefume was GameHub but was changed on March 30th 2017 as we moved server host and added SSL. But we are currently working on our game -server called (EvloveRP)GameserversWe have a garry's mod darkrp server and we are currently working on a csgo server.
  20. I can watch the video from viewing it from this topic. But From YouTube nope. It's not available. One way to fix it if you haven't enable it already is to go to your video manger then click to edit your video. Look for the tab that says “Basic Information” under the video. Click on “Monetization” in the next tab. Read through the monetization choices. Under the “Syndication” heading, choose “Everywhere” rather than “On Monetized Platforms.” Then click save. The Music seems to me fine, sounds like it's the monetization settings. Also if you have an copyright claim it will mention on your video
  21. Hi, Just wondered if someone could help me with the video I uploaded. It doesn't play on a mobile phone. I have tried to add 'watch on all platforms' and it doesn't let me. Could the fact that I have used a piece of music affect its performance. If not what do I need to change in my settings? Help much appreciated @Empire
  22. I am owning a few server with at least 16GB or RAM and 4CPUs on each one. The size of hosting server depends on number of traffic that I am getting.
  23. GeForce for games Radion for videos But i prefer GeForce.
  24. I thought it is just for the forum owner's service, not for members because you can use a sub forum for the marketplace for members instead of using a module for this.
  25. I agree with you that moving to SSL is a must have nowadays and it increase security level for our website. Just wondering, after moved, do you see your traffic and ranking is improved or not?
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  27. Hey Myers, Welcome to Dpwsmedia!
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