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  2. Godaddy Views

    I haven't used Godaddy. I'm not sure if I would pick them a domain registrar if I choose to pay for another domain if I owned another site. What's your experience with Godaddy?
  3. Cloudflare

    Personally, I haven't used Cloudflare as past forum owner. Is it good for preventing DDoS Attacks? Have you used it, what do you think of it as a website owner?
  4. Moving to SSL

    I agree, SSL makes your website more secure. Having that green padlock there makes your site secure. I had it on my forum.
  5. Your Current Cell Phone

    Currently using an Iphone 6 plus they are good but i have heard the new iphone x is coming out and look awesome too
  6. Forum Suggestions

    All forums should have that selection. Be crazy if you don't. I mean we don't went members emailing and then others can't put there input in as to agree or not.
  7. Character Length

    Aren't set character length. I hate it in away that if you want to post one word with character length setup on your board then you can't just say one word (depending on what they set it up to). I joined a couple of sites that have that option and have to type over 10 character to able to post.
  8. What do you need most help with?

    I think what most forum owners want is active members base that keeps content going and very good traffic that gets new members joining. SEO is very important and some now how to deal with the basic others needs allot of good amount of help. If you are on a budget that you are limited to what you can do
  9. How much staff?

    I hire them if I need more support. If the site isn't active or it's very new then one to two guys can run it. No more then three with like at least 200 members. Yet again you can run the forum yourself with no help and I did that myself. The good way to get staff is those that are already members on your forum that are active and you know who they are like
  10. School boy / girl errors

    Those mistakes can put an bad affect to the site also
  11. Free forums

    I did mention that in my post
  12. How much staff?

    I agree with you. I would hire staff members once the forum has built up in activity. This is the best way to hire staff for a online community.
  13. Increasing traffic

    It's all about receiving those first few hits to your website and letting people know about your website. I did the following: Submitted my site to major search engines Finally, used promotional forums to advertise.
  14. Ranking Going Down

    Google SEO was very easy back in 2011. In fact, it was too easy. In other words, it was easy to scam low-quality to the top of Google. Anyway, this thing continued on Bing for awhile and might still be the case, but I don't think it is. In other words, I don't think things like "Exact Match Domains" work as well now.
  15. I don't really like it. It makes the place look unprofessional, even if there is no religious motivation in stopping it. However, though, cracking down on it can make you seem like your against fun or something.
  16. School boy / girl errors

    It's always good to make sure your finished work looks good on all browsers, even if you didn't bother to check for mistakes - because sometimes mistakes show and sometimes they don't. Also, you might want to consider putting the work thru a program which checks for errors. Note, that would be called HTML validation in one instance.
  17. Donators

    I don't ask for donations but if someone asked, then I'd take it. Anyway, I just don't like the desperation look of donations. Nonetheless, though, I do have a Patreon page for my drumming lessons, but that the only exception.
  18. Do you create fake accounts?

    I don't like it cause it's unethical. Basically, it's lying to the audience. I mean, it's not like your writing a fiction novel.
  19. Free forums

    I another similar thread, I failed to mention the fact that free software has slow updates and bad support. That's one reason why XenForo or some other paid solution is worth the added cost. In other words, you simply get what you pay for. But it's a shame, though, cause I want free forum software solutions to do well.
  20. XenForo

    My main attraction to XenForo simply is the fact I'm used to it and I like the themes. However, though, I don't see why phpBB cannot work just as well. Nonetheless, it does seem like there are little quarks which make phpBB (and MyBB) annoying - for instance, bad paragraph spacing, but I don't know if it's due to the software or lack of updates.
  21. What do you need most help with?

    I need more traffic but my budget can't even afford banner ads. In fact, my greatest success has only been with some social media posting, but with a guy who boosts my posts for free, and a thing where the more I post, the more my site is seen. However, though, the 2nd method only gains on average maybe 30 visitors a day, but it's better than nothing. Oh, by the way, another big problem is graphics. The forums need better logos, but of course, that's more money.
  22. Character Length

    Guest posting might be a paid gig, so I might be upset with answers like, "I agree.". However, though, member posting is totally free - as it should be. In fact, it would be highly foolish to police that stuff - outside of obviously trollish or spammy remarks.
  23. Forum Suggestions

    My forums all have a suggestion box type area and my new hosting setup has a support page (an email and comment submission box). However, though, I made the mistake of naming it "The Office" on some. In that case, some writers are confused and think the subject is "The Office", as in, "How do I behave in the office?".
  24. Social Media

    I've created a Facebook page for nearly all my forums. However, though, a couple of them have only likes, not traffic potential. This problem is due to the fact that the posts need to be boosted and that requires money (a little), but now I don't even have a small budget. Nonetheless, I hope this situation will change in the near future.
  25. Increasing traffic

    I do a post for advertising thing on one forum. That's the only way I'm getting traffic at the moment. However, with another forum, I was using free Facebook posts to get quite a bit of visitors. However, though, that wouldn't have been possible if the owner wasn't boosting my posts, as, without it, few posts reach the readers. Anyway, I'd like to do guest blogging, pay-per-click, and banner advertising in the future, especially the banner stuff as it's cheaper. Also, SEO isn't out of the question, but it's last on the list.
  26. How much money have you spent so far?

    I used free hosting on my last forum therefore I didn't invest any money into my last community. You ca pay for upgrades on free forums to get better service, but I didn't. I was happy with the free service that I was received.
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