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  1. DPWS Media

    We have spent months on the website and are pleased with the outcome, we have now a range of new features for the community along with many areas that people can share and show off there skills from design to coding and marketing, We have also introduced a marketplace that our members can submit there own digital products along with any services that you or our members would like to offer or buy.


    We have also launched an Economy system which we have made many amendments too, you can earn points for being active on the website and use these to purchase products and services. Along with this our main currency DPWS Points is based on a 10-1 USD conversion which is calculated when buying products in our system, our suppliers will get the cash value once the purchase has been made.


    We have a lot more to add on with this but i would like to point out these 2 main additions and improvements to our system which we hope will be very successful for our community

  2. A lot has been happening behind the scenes with DPWS Media from website improvements to welcoming new staff to assist with our products, services and general website maintenance.


    Would like to Welcome on board the team as follows.


    @Empire - Manager

    @King  - Team Leader

    @Cyimking - Dev Team (retired)


    Together we are making a difference to the #Web and #IT world with the resources, information, services and downloads that our team along with the great members we have here are working towards.


    We have improved the websites speed so using the website should be a breeze to find the latest information you are looking for, But not only that we are continuously looking to improve and make the website better, after all its our community that drives us forward.


    Myself i am so exited to see where the journey goes from here and hope to meet many more fantastic people to come with their knowledge, ideas and wisdom that will help and support others in the world.


    We have so many things in the pipeline that is coming up from supporting along with talking about the Digital Currencies, Music and even down to gaming yes thats right!!!! #gaming.  We are starting small and testing the waters with these new additions to the forums and marketplace to see how things go, but if we see major signs that these areas work well we will be incorporating many exiting and wonderful areas of the site that will take us to the stars and back with information and resources that will blow your mind ( we hope ).


    Stay tuned!!!  We have more to come



  3. frustration.gif

    So this week has been very busy.

    A week in the life of DPWS has been very hazy and blurry. The more the week progressed a sinking feeling of un-productivity has set in.

    Alan and I have been to a Staffordshire Chambers of commerce event, we managed to form new relationships and possible leads, on new contracts and clients. However, the lack of tangible income over the past week has been pretty frustrating. I find my mind wandering on how to increase revenue from different strategies to employ within the business. I recall having this internal debate in my last blog post but the ideas still haunt me. However, I do know that success comes from patience and hard work. As I am struggling to cope with the lack of instant profit, it feels like I’m constantly battling the initiation of a downward cycle. It is taking a lot of self-control to deal with these demons but for now I am a long way off quitting.

    In other news, my learning curve on PHP and HTML coding is gradually getting steeper. The concepts are now getting advance and I am finding I have to take more time revising the content to ensure it stays in my head. However, Alan is proving to be a very useful and patient mentor. I may have knowledge about business and IT but his experience far outweighs that. He seems to be consistently teaching or explaining in our discussions. Which, may be driving him up the walls. Hopefully he is seeing an increase in my ability and getting some sort of return by watching my transition into the business.

    Looking to the future, I can see a lot of frustration, pain, blood, sweat and tears. Nevertheless, business is a cruel but lucrative way of life and to reap the rewards we must soldier on!

    Until next time….