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  • How To Create An Email Account In cPanel

    In this video we teach you and answer: How To Create An Email Account In cPanel. cPanel allows it's users to create email accounts if the hosting provider permits it. If you are new to the web hosting control panel called cPanel, the this cPanel Tutorial / Training video is for you.We will take you through the process step by step to make it simple and easy for you to pick it up in no time.

    Fortnite update brings a whole host of new features & changes

    The latest Fortnite update has not only added some spooky goodies for players but has also added a whole host of new features to the game including leaderboards, seasons and the much-awaited customisations of characters to the Battle Royale mode.
    The patch has also added voice chat for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the PC version had received it earlier. After some issues with input latency on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, Epic Games has greatly tried to reduce this to help ensure players have as smooth an experience as possible. This should help make controls feel a lot more responsive and should help in close quarter battles especially.
    The biggest update which most users will have been wanting since the game was released is the release of the Leaderboards. The leaderboard has been split up so that players can see how they rank against their division and their friends. Players will be randomly assigned to a division which consists of 50 active players and will be reassigned every week. Each match type (Solo, Duos & Squads) have been given their own separate division and leaderboard.
    Season Levels have also been added to Fortnite Battle Royale to give a feeling of progression in the game. This will allow players to level up their character and be rewarded with in-game season content. Daily challenges have been included to allow you to progress even faster through levels.
    The full patch note can be found here: Epic Games Patch Notes for Fortnite Update 1.8

    The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Mastering Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    Today, I am going to share earning money as an Amazon affiliate. Earn around $3000-$4000 every month from affiliate marketing, and there are hundreds of Amazon affiliates who are earning more.
    I haven’t seen a very good guide that covers those basic and crucial things which will help you to make money as soon as possible, so here’s my shot at doing that.
    For reference, here is my Jan. 2017 income report from the Amazon.com affiliate marketing program (Amazon Associates):

    Sure, it takes a lot of time and dedication to make a blog successful, but what if you don’t know what you need to do to get this affiliate marketing thing to work? You will work really hard at doing the wrong things.
    Here I have brought you some of the best tips on Amazon affiliate marketing that you won’t find anywhere else. And most importantly, these tips actually work.
    If you are a newbie and don’t know what I’m talking about, let’s start with this…
    What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
    Affiliate marketing is simply promoting products of other companies who pay you a commission every time a sale is made through your link.
    Amazon affiliate marketing is the same. In fact, Amazon associate is the mother of affiliate marketing programs, and in my opinion, is the most reliable solution for earning money online.
    Amazon has different branches all over the world and you will find a variety of products like books, electronics, household items, software, etc. This makes it a perfect merchant for all niches.
    What niche should you choose and how to find whether it’s profitable or not?
    Choosing a profitable, low competition niche is quite difficult even for many established bloggers. And for newbies, they may have virtually no idea how to find one.
    But as Amazon has a vast variety of products, it’s actually pretty simple.
    Here are a few points you should consider before choosing a niche:
    Make sure you have an interest in the niche you want to promote on your blog.   
    When I started my first blog in Feb. 2015, I didn’t do any research, but I was fond of gaming and computer parts. So, I just started my website on that. I had no idea about writing good articles and doing keyword research, and I made a lot of deadly mistakes that caused me to delete my whole blog multiple times.
    But as my interest kept me writing articles on the niche, I stayed positive. If I had started writing on fashion design, simply because it’s a profitable niche, surely I would have failed miserably because of my lack of knowledge and interest.
    But what if you have knowledge in a field that doesn’t have a product sold on Amazon?
    Well, that’s a problem.
    When I made my first blog successful, I started another Amazon-based website that was related to furniture. I don’t know anything about this niche, but money is my motivation here.
    When you find a profitable niche, then you will automatically start writing on products you don’t even like. But because you’ve learned that you like blogging, you can learn how to overlook the lack of interest in the niche.
    This will make you more knowledgeable in that field as well as help you earn more money.
    But this is not recommended for newbies. The trick here is discipline. It’s better to give this one a shot after you’ve already built up a successful blog around a niche you like, otherwise, as pointed out above, you will fail miserably.
    Some good niches you can try right now are:
    Automotive parts Home decoration Any sports niche like water sports, skating, or winter sports  
    Note that every niche will have some competition, but these niches are not so saturated at the moment.
    How To Rank Faster In These Niches
    Ranking is getting tougher as bloggers are emerging in every field every day. Know that it can take several months when you do SEO with white hat techniques (i.e. “legal” SEO practices), but Google will eventually trust your site more than other sites. So keep your site clean and make great content.
    1. Produce content from reviews, not from product descriptions.
    To rank faster, you need to produce quality content.
    To do that, you can’t just re-write the description from Amazon’s product page.
    Instead, you should read the customer reviews and use them to elaborate on your points.
    If you do this, people will trust you more as you are listing the pros as well as the cons. But be sure you always choose products with many reviews (especially those with 4-star ratings and above).
    2. Update Regularly.
    The second step to ranking faster is to continuously update.
    You need to update every article at least once a month. Read: Why you must edit old posts.
    And yes, it’s a headache, but it really works.
    A lot of my competitors are confused why I am ranking above them, even though I don’t have too many dofollow links and I have a much lower PA and DA.
    They don’t realize that there are several other factors that increase Google ranking.
    For instance, if you get backlinks from relevant niche sites, then that counts as a ranking factor in the eyes of Google much better than getting backlinks from sites in a completely different niche. Even if your link is nofollow, it will still help you in ranking faster because Google doesn’t ignore it completely.
    Updating your content regularly and fetching it with Google search console will make the Google bots crawl your post again and again. When you change or add some content, Google gives it priority over those that aren’t updated regularly.
    Note: When you update your content, also make sure that you change the date/time of update.
    3. Use links with the keyword.
    The third tip is to use the exact keyword in your URL which you are going to target.
    I have seen that the URLs which have the exact keyword without alteration tend to rank higher than the others. And this is one of the strategies I use to rank my sites above my competitors.
    Yes, some of my links may be long, but they contain the exact keyword, and this method helps me consistently rank higher. But at the same time, make sure that if you are going to update the article with some new products, you should not include the specific name of any product in your URL.
    How To Increase The Conversion Rate
    If you think that changing colors of ‘Buy’ links or optimizing images doesn’t affect the conversion rate, then think about every successful online business out there.
    Why are colors like red and blue the most widely used colors in ‘Buy’ buttons?
    Why don’t people use pink or gray?
    When I first used black for my buttons, I got half the amount of clicks as I did with blue and red.
    Not only that, even the size of these buttons matter. The button size should not be too small so that a reader can’t see and not too large to fill up the whole width of your page. Instead, use a size somewhere between 200-400 pixels.
    Now, experiment by changing the colors around. Blue and red tend to have the most dramatic effects on CTR.

    ‘Buy’ buttons should not be the only place with links.
    You must use the affiliate links in images and text as well.
    Remember that when you use a product name in a paragraph, put a link in that particular product name which should redirect them through your Amazon affiliate link.
    Be sure you are using a catchy color for that text so that it attracts the visitor.
    You just need to get a click because that’s how you get the user to drop a cookie on Amazon.
    Amazon uses a 24-hour cookie to track your ID and gives you commission even if it’s not the same product as you promoted. 20% of the products I get a commission from are different than the products I promote.
    -Use A Link Localizer-
    80% of affiliates don’t use a link localizer, which is stunning, because you are losing a lot of money if you are not using one.
    Here’s how this works…
    I am Indian, and I target four countries:
    USA Canada UK India  
    80% of my affiliate income is from the USA, which is pretty common for many affiliate marketers. But countries like the UK and Canada give good conversions as well.
    The point is that when a user from the US clicks on my link, it takes them to the US Amazon store. When a user from Canada clicks on a link, it takes them to the Canada Amazon store.
    Note: I use Payoneer for getting payments from the UK and Canada, and I am still figuring out whether I should get a check or direct transfer! LOL! But I can use that money for hiring a native English writer or do a gift card giveaway for Canadian people.
    You’re probably thinking that I’m using the EasyAzon plugin or something like that for link localizing. But no, I use a website called Affiliate Geo Target. You can also use popular tool call Geni.us that is used by ShoutMeLoud & other blogs.
    For using Affiliate Geo target, you have to fill in the product ASIN’s from the product page and the tracking IDs from each of the country’s Amazon affiliate dashboards. Doing that, whenever a visitor clicks the link, they will be redirected to their country’s Amazon store.

    This site will replace every 100th affiliate ID with their own ID, but it’s still a good deal because you were already losing a lot of money by not using it.
    But be sure the product you are promoting is also available on every Amazon store. If not, you should only fill in the Amazon.com’s product ASIN and use the Fallback Search Terms.
    Promotion Is Important
    Posting and praying that traffic will come doesn’t work anymore. It’s like throwing a party at the middle of jungle where no one known how to reach. You have to quality time promoting the content.
    From the very first time you post your first article, you should create a separate profile for your brand or niche blog on each social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. These are mega authority websites, and getting a nofollow link from them will surely help. Whenever you add a new content, you should post them on your social media.
    Here are few not to miss promotion strategy that works to increase affiliate sales:
    30+ Tested Platforms To Distribute Content & Get Insane Traffic Where To Share Blog Posts After Publishing For Promotion The Only 10 Blog Marketing Tools That You’ll Ever Need How To Re-Publish Your Existing Blog Posts On Medium To Drive Extra Traffic  
    On these platforms, it’s easy to post links and get referral traffic. But do this in a way that shows you want to help people. Don’t just go there and say, “Hey I have an article for you. Read this…. LINK”. Please don’t do that.
    When I post a link, I always include words like:
    “If you have any queries, you can ask me anytime.”
    “Pm me and I will help you.”
    These comments definitely make people think that you are being genuinely helpful.
    Note: You also need to be genuinely helpful. You can’t just pretend.
    I get a lot of “Thank you, Sarfraz” emails.
    That’s a good sign.
    Another promotion technique is to find relevant niche forums. Create accounts on them and start helping people. Whenever you find an opportunity, post a link with a phrase like, “This may help”. But you should create 10 or so replies or posts before linking to your website.
    Many forums will allow you to add your website link to your profile, and some of them may even be dofollow. That will increase your rankings for sure.
    Running A Successful Amazon Associates Store- Final Thoughts

    In general, I’d say don’t focus on the competition too much. You will find competition in every niche, and it will be frustrating in the beginning, for several months or so, because you won’t get organic traffic.
    It may take even a year to get organic traffic if you just work 1-2 hours per day.
    Blogging is a process in which you have to work at least 6 hours a day, every day, to get results in just a few months. Don’t expect anything in just a couple of weeks.
    But if you start now with dedication, you can enjoy the money later on.
    And with dedication, you will get that money!

    How To Become A Credible Blogger That People Trust

    These days, blogs are more influential than traditional, non-informational websites. Why? Because we all relate to personal experiences better than we relate to corporations and brands.
    Earlier, I shared about how to increase the trust factor of a blog. This is something you need to do, especially when you are operating a blog under a brand name. You have to turn yourself into a credible blogger.
    When I say “credible blogger”, it means that people should trust you with each and every word.
    A credible blogger has a lot of people saying good things about them, and very few people saying bad things.
    The biggest problem is how to become one of these bloggers.

    Becoming More Credible
    Well, first, you need to start by being a credible person.
    Yep. You heard me right.
    You need to become a credible person in order to become a credible blogger.  
    When it comes to blogging, it’s not enough to become a credible person only; you also need to become a credible leader. Either you have it in you, or you need to work hard to become one.
    There are two very common traits of credible people:
    Consistency Persistence  
    Let’s explore how to become a credible person, and ultimately, a credible blogger.


    Money is one of the top motivation factors for blogging, but to cross that line of “being stuck”, you need to think beyond money.
    When you are working on building a quality blog, money making opportunities will keep coming, but you should never overlook the aspect of community building.
    This means that, at times, it’s good to let go of a few monetary offers which may hurt your current readership. For example, it may be better to reject certain paid reviews.
    You need to prioritize high-quality content over content designed to make money.
    If you’re running a group or forum, you need to work as a moderator to encourage healthy engagement and a supportive sense of community. Similarly, on your blog, you are responsible for community building, and with a pro-active approach, you can easily achieve that sense of community.


    One of the biggest traps in life is “right vs. wrong”.
    The more you think about something being right or wrong, the more you start running away from what’s “right”. This is because humans are inherently more focused on pleasing themselves more than others.
    Especially when working online, where you can’t physically see another person, make sure you’re standing up for what’s “right”.
    Part of being “right” is also being authentic.
    In blogging, don’t blindly follow what others are saying or doing, you need to have your own view and opinion. It’s OK to disagree on things, but disagree in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone.
    And when blogging, make sure all of your thoughts are backed up by logic.


    One of the good and bad sides of working online is that you don’t get to see the people you’re talking to. We read words; this creates an idea or impression about the person behind those words.
    So what we write on our blogs, what we say on our social media profiles, and how we interact with people online all plays into our overall credibility.
    Make sure your words are meaningful, and make sure that your interactions are valuable. Don’t use social media as a crutch to entertain yourself when you’re bored. Instead, use social media to create genuine connections with your readers.
    This is usually where social media gurus recommend cross-checking what updates you are posting on each social media site. This makes you appear consistent and professional.
    Ensure each of your profiles reflects your personality and stays updated.


    We all like to talk about things we like or believe in, and it’s this which will help us become consistent. And when we become consistent, we become likable.
    Another thing that will help is giving things away for free.
    Now, it should be obvious why this makes us likable; people like getting things for free. But more than that, people respect altruism more than they respect greediness.
    Think about which one of these scenarios is more “likable”:
    Getting $100 for doing some work. Giving away $100 to a poor person who has not eaten in days.  
    The person who willingly gives away is always liked, and that’s the reason why professions related to medicine and education are always seen as highly credible lines of work.
    Similarly, if you wish to become a credible blogger, you need to have the mindset of giving back to the community.
    Always remember:
    The more you give, the more you will receive.  
    Also remember that it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are; what matters is how you give away your knowledge.


    Confidence is an attribute of successful people, and success is a great measurement of credibility.
    Make sure you are always displaying confidence, and create a mechanism for yourself to be more confident in times of need.
    Here are a few things which will help you become more confident:
    Exercise daily: If you can’t do it for long, start with 10 minutes a day. Meditation: Like exercise is useful for your body’s muscles, meditation is useful for your brain’s muscles. If you’ve never done it before, I recommend you try Headspace. Travel: Traveling helps in opening up your limited beliefs, and it is very handy for self-growth. If you always find yourself waiting for the right time to travel, imagine how many travel opportunities you have already missed. Just get up and do it! It’s much easier than you think- especially if all you need for work is an internet connection. Fight your fears: Make a list of all the fears you have and pledge to fight one fear every day. The more you fight your fears, the more confident you become. Work on verbal communication: When you speak, speak with conviction. Really say what you mean and convey the fact that you know what you’re talking about. Work on nonverbal communication: Nonverbal communication is the first impression, and it should be the cornerstone of your communication efforts. Stand tall. Sit tall. Be relaxed and in control of your environment. Nonverbal communication also includes how you dress and behave. There is no excuse for dressing or behaving inappropriately. Follow social norms and decorums at all times.  
    Do remember, “good” is a synonym of perfect. Focus on becoming “good” first, and perfection will soon follow.


    I often thought happiness was what really mattered, but after learning about what makes me happy, I learned that “being at peace” is what really matters.
    I was at a stage of my life where I had everything. And I was happy, too. But eventually, that feeling of happiness turned into sadness and emptiness.
    Because the thing with happiness is that it exists along with sadness. One can’t exist without the other.
    However, being at peace is something that can exist on its own. 
    If you really want to be the person that people look up to, you need to learn & understand the higher meaning of life. You need to learn how to be in the moment & how to be at peace with whatever life is giving you.

    Razer Developing Optical Keyboard Switches: Razer Purple

    Another homegrown member is coming to Razer’s keyboard switch family later this year or early next. Dubbed the Razer Purple switch (for now, although it may end up with a different name when it comes to market), it’s going to be the company’s first foray into optical switch technology.
    It’s more than just a switch, though; you can think of it as a platform onto which Razer will continue to build, and it’s the full realization of the company’s decision to develop its own production lines within switch-making factories.
    When Razer started playing with making its own switches, all the company really did was build a near clone of Cherry MX Blue switches, using multiple manufacturers for the task. Then it added a tactile Orange switch (essentially a clone of the Cherry MX Brown). Eventually the company sought more control over the process and now has its own production lines within its partners’ factories.
    Since then, it’s added the Yellow (linear) switch, the “mecha-membrane” switch, and a low-profile switch that’s made its way into a Razer Blade laptop.

    The Purple Platform
    To its credit, Razer has been unafraid to delve into experimental keyboard switch technology, and the Purple switch effort shows that in spades.
    Essentially, when the optical Purple switch debuts, it will be the first of multiple generations for Razer. Before it pushes the boundaries of what an optical can do, Razer is planning to just focus on getting all the fundamentals as perfect as possible: characteristics, actuation, reset, consistency, tolerance, keyfeel, bounce/return, and so on.
    Then, it will explore unlocking some of the benefits that optical switches can bring.
    The Optical Advantage
    Although optical switches and standard desktop mechanical switches are the same in that both use a plastic plunger mounted in a squarish housing, they have different sensing methods and are therefore implemented differently on keyboards. In the simplest of terms, whereas a standard mechanical switch has two metal contact points, an optical switch actuates when the plunger interrupts a light beam that emanates from the PCB.
    For a primer on how optical switches work, head here, but the upshot is that because of the difference in construction, optical switches have some advantages. 
    For instance, there’s no soldering, so the switches can be hot swappable, which means you can easily swap different types of switches. For example, you could load up a keyboard with clicky switches or linear ones, or a mix (whatever your heart desires), and change it back whenever you feel like it, like on the Epic Gear Defiant keyboard.
    Although we don’t have a way of testing it ourselves just yet, some optical switch makers claim that the inherent lack of metal debounce in optical switches makes them “faster.” We’ve also seen several demos of optical switch keyboards functioning underwater--in other words, you won’t nuke your expensive plank if you drop your water/beer/Mountain Dew on it.
    Most importantly, though, optical switches unlock the possibility of analog input on mechanical keyboards.
    We’re on record that analog keyboard input could become enormously important to gamers, but so far, there are just two analog mechanical keyboards in existence. One is a promising prototype, the Aimpad R5 (why has no one bought that IP yet?), and the other is the Wooting One (full review here).
    By dint of being a shipping product, Wooting has the advantage, but for all of the keyboard’s wonders, it still needs a bit of work. What analog technology needs is the focus of a big company with plentiful resources. Enter Razer.
    Platform Patience
    It’s surely exciting for gamers to imagine how quickly analog keyboard technology could accelerate once Razer gets behind it, but don’t hold your breath. As we mentioned above, Razer is pacing itself with the development of its optical switch platform.
    Don’t expect first-gen Purple switches to have analog input, or ever hot-swap capabilities. They’re going to be fine switches, but it won’t be until the second or third generation that we’ll likely see more of the features that optical switches offer over and above what standard desktop switches do.
    However, there’s a hidden advantage there, and that’s why we’re referring to this as a “platform:” Once the hardware is perfected, the technological upgrades can primarily come in the form of firmware and software updates--including analog capabilities. Therefore, it’s not at all unreasonable that we could see a Razer keyboard ship with first-gen Purple optical switches, and then you could keep that same keyboard and load up second-gen Purple switches when they’re available, or at some point install a big firmware update that enables analog sensing.
    Finally, it’s important to note that Razer’s efforts on the standard desktop mechanical switch side of things will continue unabated. The new Purple optical platform will alongside the Razer Green, Orange, and Yellow switches.
    What’s next for Razer and its keyboard switch skunkworks? Who knows, maybe we’ll see a version of the Hall Effect switch emerge at some point.

    Corsair HX1200 PSU Review

    Given Corair's highly successful RMx power supplies, which lack the digital interface found on all RMi models and use a different fan to bring costs down, the company thought to do something similar with its high-end HXi family. But instead of naming the new line HXx, which would have looked strange, Corsair simply removed the letter "i." After all, there was already a portfolio of HX PSUs. Now it's revamped with new members.
    The HX line-up includes four models with capacities ranging from 750W to 1200W. The biggest difference between Corsair's HXi and HX models, besides the latter's lower price, is the lack of software control/monitoring, since a digital interface circuit is missing from the HX family. Both the HXi and HX PSUs use the same 135mm FDB fan. It's incredibly quiet, even at high speeds, so we expect these lower-cost models to still feature great acoustic profiles under any circumstance.
    Apparently not every enthusiast wants a power supply with digital circuits. Some have no intention of connecting their PSU and motherboard, believing that simpler is often better. This also gets around an extra installation step, even if it's just one cable and some extra software.
    According to Corsair, the HX1200i and HX1200 we're reviewing today are separated by only $10. We figured the HX1200 would be significantly less expensive, making it more attractive. But that tiny delta compels us to lean towards the HX1200i, frankly. The only HX model with a notably lower price tag than its HXi equivalent is the HX750, which costs $30 less.
    At least all of the HX units are similarly modular, with the ability to toggle between one and multiple +12V rails through a switch on the PSU's rear panel (where the modular cables plug in).
    The same warranty that covers Corsair's highest-end PSUs also applies to the HXes, giving you 10 years of protection. With the cryptocurrency craziness in full swing, we expect a lot of HX units to power mining rigs operating at nearly full load continuously. Under such harsh conditions, a 10-year warranty could prove catastrophic if RMAs start rolling in at an accelerated rate. We don't think any power supply will last for prolonged periods of time under the kind of duress that mining imposes. We've even heard that some companies are thinking about cutting their coverage if a PSU is used for mining, though we're not sure how they plan to prove this.
    Corsair's HX1200 achieves a Cybenetics ETA-B rating and an 80 PLUS Gold certification. When it comes to noise, it is LAMBDA-A+-rated, indicating very quiet operation. The list of protection features is thorough; Corsair even offers OCP at +12V through a switch, located on the back of the PSU.
    The 135mm cooling fan uses a fluid dynamic bearing, so it should last quite a while. In a PSU backed by a hefty 10-year warranty, the fan has to be super reliable.
    A 20cm depth makes this a long PSU, indeed.
    Power Specifications

    The minor rails boast an impressive 150W of maximum combined power, while the +12V rail can deliver up to 100A if needed, handling the PSU's full power on its own. Lastly, the 5VSB rail is also quite strong with 17.5W capacity. We like to see 1kW+ PSUs with beefy 5VSB circuits.
    In the multi-+12V rail mode, there are eight +12V rails with 40A maximum current output each. All of the rails combined can deliver the same wattage (1200W) in single-rail mode, of course.
    Cables & Connectors

    There are two EPS connectors along with eight PCIe ones, all available at the same time. The number of SATA connectors is huge, while the eight four-pin Molex connectors should cover every need. Some miners would probably ask for 10 or 12 PCIe connectors, but Corsair obviously didn't have a cryptocurrency boom in mind when the HX1200 was being designed.
    Power Distribution
    As mentioned, there is a switch that lets you choose between one +12V rail or multiple ones. In the HXi models, this is achieved using the Corsair Link software. However, since the HX models don't have a digital interface, a different approach had to be used.
    The +12V rails can deliver up to 40A each if the multi-rail mode is selected. According to Corsair, each individual connector in this PSU has over-current protection, so no more than 40A goes through any given cable.
  • Disable Right Click For Guests

    A small yet useful tutorial
    This tutorial will disable right click on your site for guests only!
    Just add that code @ the very top of your ACP > look & Feel > Skin name > Edit Template HTML > All Global HTML > global_board_header
    <if="$this->ipsclass->member['id'] == '0'"> <script language=JavaScript> var message="You Must Log-in before you can use Right Click!"; function clickIE4(){ if (event.button==2){ alert(message); return false; } } function clickNS4(e){ if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){ if (e.which==2||e.which==3){ alert(message); return false; } } } if (document.layers){ document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); document.onmousedown=clickNS4; } else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){ document.onmousedown=clickIE4; } document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false") </script> </if> Change what the message says all you need to do is Edit this part of the codes "You Must Log-in before you can use Right Click!"

    Redirect [.htaccess]

    Alright, say you have (www.yourdomain.com) and you want to to go to (www.yourdomain.com/Home/)
    And Home is a subfolder in your wwwroot.
    Just add this to your .htaccess
    RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?YourDomain.com$ RewriteRule ^(/)?$ home [L]  
    Just change "YourDoamin.com" to your domain and "Home" to the subfolder. Reload yourdomain.com and boom, redirects.

    Removing File extension from URL [.htaccess]

    Say you have (www.Yourdomain.com/index.html) and you want it to say (www.Yourdomain.com/index)
    Well, here is how to do that.
    Just add this to your .htaccess
    RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}\.html -f RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.html  
  • Digital Marketplace